Termite Inspections

Timber damage is a problem that most properties will experience in their lifetime with termites in particular capable of causing serious damage within a small timeframe, costing home owners thousands of dollars in repairs.

A timber pest inspection is conducted by a licensed and certified timber pest inspector and performed in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 4349.3-1998.

Our licenced inspectors examine all accessible areas of the property searching for past, current and future concerns in relation to timber pest activity.

Your inspection report will cover the following areas:

  • Current termite activity.
  • Damaged caused by existing or previous infestations.
  • Locations and building elements highly susceptible to termite activity.
  • Any areas where further inspections are needed.
  • Current state of termite barriers and protection systems.
  • Suggestions for the usage of physical barriers, chemical barriers and other forms of treatment.

Our inspectors will determine the presence of termites, borers and wood decaying fungi and provide commentary on maintenance and remediation works where appropriate.

Our investigation includes details on whether there is a current termite management system and warranty in place.

With a qualified knowledge base including building design, development and construction, we draw on our experience and inspect your investment from multiple perspectives.

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